Hogging Step 5 of my 2nd collab with Gerwell.
This cup was a present from my friend who recently returned from a trip to Japan,
I'm using it for milk and ice cream only.


Peter Hong Chan said...

that is totally awesome..lol

GOATZ said...

lolol thx

falk said...

oohhh oohhhh ohhhhhh
the second collab yay yay
that looks sooo cute! ^^

and the cup is adoreable!
you make allways those delicious photos in which i want to bite!

GOATZ said...

lol go get yourself some ice cream XD i'm gonna make you fat by posting more mouth-watering photos~♪

Joyce said...

Yay new arts?!? <:

OMG i totally want that cup. ;0; *jealous* Hope you don't mind me adding you to my links. 8DDDD