sleeve and planner

Made a sleeve for my new laptop, thanks to a nearby closing sale, this cost me only $3.00-ish.
Velcro was literally a pain to stitch on. My poor fingers.
Lazy stitch details.
Been receiving some pretty book-form goodbye gifts lately :] This planner and a moleskine sketchbook~


My pick

Was sorting through my oekakis, these are my favourites :)
Music: Franklin for short - Quiet Room (Waiting) ♥


Overdue Update

Something old, from pre-HBDF2010. Looks familiar?
At this point, I have already destroyed anything interesting you see in this piece..
We're onto rendering now.
A bit of Toronto love.

Not knitting like crazy lately, not after this.
Finally found a place to display this gorgeous gift.
Music: Broken Bells - The Mall & Misery



Because falk brings such nice changes to our collab, I am as usual stunned and stuck, clueless of what to change. So I played with the sides.. ...


more knits

First one was for mom.

Second one is for grandma, still need to make the flower.


fun scraps :D

Totally hooked on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnVycboTpI0


Sorry for lack of updates, holidays were rather foodsome 8D Here's an oekaki I finished in '09:

Not oekaki:

Ongoing oekaki collab with falk and Gerwell :D