Last gig

Accidentally left my beloved umbrella on the subway when I left the train in a rush at Dundas station this morning. My grandmother gave me this umbrella almost a decade ago, I'm disappointed at myself for having been so careless, now there's no hope to get it back, considering it's a rainy day in Toronto. I hope it made someone else's day.

Like falk says, it did its "last gig" this morning when I used it to shield an old lady from the rain before boarding the bus. I have no photo of it so here's a messy doodle.


falk said...

its a sweet story and a lovely little painting. i wonder how you feel now, after some days passed if you think about your umbrella^^
and i wonder what has become of it?
(and start with painting again!!!)

GOATZ said...

hm.. i'm still a bit sad about it, i think of it whenever i see a similar plaid pattern fabric + colour or any other umbrella.. i wonder what it has become now, and who it serves.
my art is deteriorating, i'm painting little by little every night :]