Here are some drawings I did in the new little sketchbook falk gave me! First two were full page using a lead pencil, last one was less than half a page with a mixture of pens.. yay ►(^o^)◄ ♪


falk said...

cool, finally i can see your sketches ^_____^
the first has such a lovely face, i dont trust her!
i think the girl in the second sketch looks a lot like you, sometimes you have exactly this face^^
and i think it would be a nice place to live in this mushroom house alone, as a very small human^^

hey you have made them too small!! i cant see the details very well :(

headphone-laina smiley is very funny! :D

Anonymous said...
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GOATZ said...

falk> lol i thought the same about the 2nd sketch XDD
what? what???? what headphone what?
yes i made these very small..

falk said...

i mean this headphone-smiley: ►(^o^)◄ ♪ <__<

please update your blog more!!
and show your drawings laaarger! :)