Overdue Update

Something old, from pre-HBDF2010. Looks familiar?
At this point, I have already destroyed anything interesting you see in this piece..
We're onto rendering now.
A bit of Toronto love.

Not knitting like crazy lately, not after this.
Finally found a place to display this gorgeous gift.
Music: Broken Bells - The Mall & Misery


Gerwell said...

YOU'D BETTER FINISH THAT LADY IN BLACK. No request, it's an order! It's amazing!! You are improving so much!!
The lighting is wonderful! Your collab with Falk has turned gorgeous too!

GOATZ said...

Gerwell> lol, i love it when you order me! i shall complete this piece (really because i HAVE to).. i have much room to catch up to you, squirrel XD

falk said...

aww nice update :D
your wip painting looks very very nice. i really wonder what you already have destroyed in it. the lighting is effective, and she is so expressive.
aww for the HBDF sketch ^.^
Toronto love makes me miss Toronto ;_; somehow this little cute monster looks familar, i wonder who made it. i wana paint some little monsters on stickers too and stick them all over the city^^
maybe you can do this with little goatzers, i guess some people would recognise your goatz stickers after a while and some of them would know who made it^^
what do you mean by you are not knitting anymore like crazy, "not after this"??

GOATZ said...

falk> thanks ;D um i destroyed the bg entirely. as for the stickers, i didn't make this one, but i wouldn't make them and stick them all over the city XD; sewing that knitting-basket thing just made me tired of working with my hands.

Joyce said...

Wow!! The collab is really coming along beautifully! :3

And yesss, do finish your WIP! i look forward to eet. 8D;;